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I’m a cheese crushing, whiskey drinking food writer, photographer, and obsessive home cook.

Hey, I'm Chrissie

Through compelling copy and eye-capturing images, I work with foodie entrepreneurs like you to help make your brand or product shine.

I kind of have a thing for the small business owner who is completely obsessed with their product. From the bread baking blogger to the craft distiller to the tableware potter, your labor of love is the lime to my coconut.

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Love to cook and host but hate the stress of planning?

My foolproof Gathering Guides are a complete package to pull off a delicious gathering. Menu, shopping list, and more!

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the proof is in the pudding

Chrissie’s recipes are so much fun to make and are a hit with the whole family. I am always looking for ways to get my children to eat more adventurous dishes. We especially love the risotto and orzo recipes!

Tricia Baldridge

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